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University of Toronto Researchers Advancing Metal AM for Automotive, Energy, and Biomedical Applications

A team of engineering researchers is working to advance metal additive manufacturing (AM) at the University of Toronto’s first metal 3D printing laboratory, to improve manufacturing across aerospace, biomedical, energy and automotive industries.

“We are working to uncover the fundamental physics behind the additive manufacturing process, as well as improving its robustness, and creating novel structural and functional materials through its applications,” says Professor Yu Zou. Zou’s lab currently utilizes both selective laser melting (SLM) and directed energy deposition (DED). 

Metal AM GPS Antenna a Pathfinder for Future Satellites

Lockheed Martin has qualified its first complex metal additive manufactured (AM) piece of hardware for spaceflight. The hardware, an omnidirectional antenna for communication relay, has been integrated onto a GPS III satellite.

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Volume 13, No. 2, February/March 1984


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