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About APMI International

APMI International—founded in 1959 as the American Powder Metallurgy Institute—was created in order to serve the needs of individuals working in the powder metallurgy industry. 

Our goal is to help employees of all industry companies acquire the ever-growing body of technical powder metallurgy knowledge, which ultimately uplifts the industry as a whole. 

Formed under the auspices of the Metal Powder Industries Federation—the powder metallurgy industry's trade association—and administered by the same staff, APMI has grown to become a highly respected professional society helping advance the science and practice of powder metallurgy. 

Two of the most visible and longest-lasting benefits APMI members have come to rely on over the years have been the International Journal of Powder Metallurgy and Who's Who in PM. These publications have been instrumental in helping the industry grow while at the same time they themselves have grown in stature. 

 For an even more detailed history on APMI International watch this video, which was produced in 2009 to mark the 50th anniversary of the organization.

Historical Resources

Founding Executive Director Kempton H. Roll's summary on "The Origin and Role of APMI International in North America's PM Industry" (pdf) 

Review historical details of former APMI local chapters.


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APMI International is open to any individual throughout the world. We are proud to represent members from more than 50 countries, and we work together to inform, educate, and serve the international powder metallurgy community.

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