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(Sample) Materials Science and Engineering Student seeks PM Internship

I am looking for a full time posistion as an engineering  intern in the Tri-state area for the summer of 2022.

I am currently in my Junior year working toward a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering. After graduation, I plan to advance my career by obtaining a master’s degree. My studies center on inorganic material production, bonding and thermodynamics properties. During my studies, I continue to learn how to use lab equipment to analyze data and conduct tests to determine the cause of mechanical failure and malfunctions. I have the skills and knowledge to troubleshoot problems and to find suitable solutions. 

I believe, that with my educational background, skill set, and strong work ethic, I will be an asset to any engineering department.  You may contact me via email anytime if you wish to discuss my application in detail or schedule an appointment for an interview.



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