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Powder Injection Molding Virtual Tutorial




Presented by: Metal Powder Industries Federation

Dr. Randall M. German, FAPMI, the world’s most recognized authority on the injection molding of metals (MIM), ceramics (CIM), and cemented carbides (CCIM), provides an in-depth review of this exciting technology.

Recorded in 2018, this 4 part, 6-hour encore video provides a comprehensive foundation of the technology.
The 4 videos can be viewed at your own pace over a duration of 5 days after day purchased.

  • Part 1: Introduction, Materials and Binders - 2 hours 
  • Part 2: Injection Molding, Debinding and Sintering – 2 hours 
  • Part 3: PIM Part Design, Cost and Facilities – 1 hour 
  • Part 4: Overview of PIM Markets and Opportunities – 1 hour

The tutorial includes:

  • Introduction to the manufacturing processes: feedstocks, molding, debinding, sintering, and finishing
  • Definition of what constitutes a viable PIM component and selection of materials based on the components expectations and required properties
  • Assessment of the critical features of dimensional accuracy and material performance
  • Comparison of PIM to competing technologies
  • Review of the economic advantages of PIM
  • New applications, emerging markets, and examples of products never thought possible in net-shape manufacturing until PIM

As a bonus, each registrant receives  electronic copies of Metal Injection Molding-A Comprehensive MIM Design Guide, Injection Molding of Metals and Ceramics, and the MPIF Standard 35-MIM 2018 Edition Materials Standards for Metal Injection Molded Parts, valued at $250! 

Course Registration Fee: $700 which will include a full year APMI International membership. Learn more about membership

Duration of Course: The Course will be open to the registrant for viewing for 5 business days  from the date of purchase.

Discounts are available for multiple registrations from the same organization.   If your firm would like to take advantage of multiple employee registrations,  please email Stephanie Schember or call her at 609-452-7700 ext 114 and she work with you to determine the discount options available.   

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With over 40 years of dedicated powder metallurgy R&D, Dr. Randall M. German, FAPMI, professor emeritus, San Diego State University, has provided PIM tutorials for over 30 years. He has published over 1,000 technical articles, 20 books, and has 25 patents.

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Restrictions on Recording. No photography, or audio or video recording of presentations is permitted.


This course contains 6 hours of technical content, watch at your pace but all of the programming must be watched within 5 business days of purchasing the tutorial.



Registration Fee includes:

Course registration includes an electronic copy of Metal Injection Molding-A Comprehensive MIM Design Guide, Injection Molding of Metals and Ceramics, and the MPIF Standard 35-MIM 2018 Edition Materials Standards for Metal Injection Molded Parts, valued at $250.

If you are registering multiple people from your organization, please contact Stephanie Schember for a paper registration form.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be provided for cancellations. 

How to watch videos

Once you've registered (with the button above), you will be enrolled in the course and will receive an email confirmation within 24 business hours of registration.  You will then see a new button at the top of this page that says "Course Videos".  Click on this to link to view the course content. 

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