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Cobra Golf: MIM Vintage Series Putter and Metal AM RF Wedge


Cobra Golf has launched its redesigned Vintage putter series that introduces a metal injection molded MIM 304 stainless steel construction with machined detail. The adjustable sole weighting allows golfers to personalize their putter with a choice of five different sole weights (5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g). This customization can be achieved with a simple turn of a screw, allowing players to tailor their putter to their style.

This distinctive technology also offers players four planes of loft, descending from the top to the bottom (4, 3, 2, 1) in one-degree increments. The design aims to ensure an optimal launch on every putt, while producing excellent end-over-end roll performance.

The new Rickie Fowler “RF” custom lob wedge is helping bring golf equipment innovation to the forefront. While most wedges, or golf clubs in general, are manufactured by casting, forging, or milling – or a combination of those processes – Fowler’s new 60-degree "RF" wedge is made via metal AM.

The RF lob wedge is printed, lightly polished, grooves cut/milled, hosel bored, and the face shot peened. Aside from printing, the steps are standard processes to finish a wedge regardless of how it’s produced. However, the AM process ensures that the sole shape prints the same, every time. Through AM, instead of forging or casting, Cobra’s goal is to create clubs that are more precise to the original designs, and hopefully more durable, too.

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