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Czinger Unveils the First Metal AM Aluminum Gearbox

Car manufacturer Czinger has unveiled a metal AM gearbox that was made using topological optimization. The 7-speed semi-sequential AM gearbox developed with Xtrac, Berkshire, England, was produced without any tooling with an aluminum alloy. The resulting gearbox has better structural performance with significant savings, and is a first for the automotive industry.

“We are proud to team Czinger’s world-class engineers with those at Xtrac; together, we have developed an incredible, industry first, gearbox that is truly at the pinnacle of performance,” said Lukas Czinger, co-founder and vice president of operations. The AM gearbox has many interesting features such as dual barrel gear actuation and a smooth ride.

Adrian Moore, CEO of Xtrac remarked, “What our Xtrac engineers have accomplished in tandem with Czinger and Divergent is groundbreaking. Xtrac is pleased to be at the forefront of cutting-edge gearbox manufacturing.”

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