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Elmet Technologies Components Used in Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket

Elmet Technologies, Lewiston, Maine, a manufacturer of tungsten and molybdenum components for the aerospace industry, recently supplied parts for use in the Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket program, in the Orion Space Capsule. The SLS is the largest, most powerful rocket built to date. The first SLS mission (Artemis I) for the Artemis Program was launched Wednesday morning. It will travel to the moon and return.

In the next mission (Artemis II), which will be manned space flight, astronauts will travel to the moon for the first time in 50 years.

Elmet manufactured aerospace-grade tungsten heavy alloy ballast weights used for the heatshield in the Orion capsule. Other aerospace programs involving Elmet components include Dragonfly, set to launch in 2026, and land on Titan in 2034 with Elmet molybdenum parts to play a key role in processing samples.

Tungsten ballast weights produced for the Space Launch System (Courtesy Elmet Technologies)

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