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2021 JPMA Awards

The Japan Powder Metallurgy Association (JPMA) has announced the 2021 JPMA PM parts award winners.

Development Prize

New Design

Parking Part of Transmission for PHEVs
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Soft Magnetic Powder Cores for Axial Gap Motors    
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

High Efficiency Electric Oil Pump Parts for HEVs Clutch Engagement 
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sprocket Drive for One-Motor Hybrid
Fine Sinter Co., Ltd.

Button Parts for Shale Gas Drilling Tool
Porite Corporation

Sintered Bearing for Suction Motor of Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Porite Corporation

New Materials

Copper-Based Sintered Alloy Slider with Low Trolley Wire Wear   
Fine Sinter Co., Ltd.

F. Effort Prize

Adoption of Sintered Parts in EPB Units for Medium-Heavy Duty Vehicles
Fine Sinter Co., Ltd.

65th Anniversary Awards

Metallic Interconnector for SOFC(Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) Stack  
Porite Taiwan Co.,Ltd.

Brazing Connected Carrier using Molten Copper Material and Induction Hardening
Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components(T)  Co.,Ltd.

Achievement of the Same Quality at Three Overseas Bases of Sinter-Brazing Planetary Carriers
Material:  Fe-Cu-C
Density:   6.95g/cm3 MIN

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