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Don’t Delay, Take the Powder Metallurgy Self-Study Course Today!

A Course on Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials Processing

This Self-Study Course provides a broad introduction to the fundamental principles of powder metallurgy. The user will gain an understanding of basic science and engineering as it relates to the technology. Practical applications of metal and alloy behavior, various manufacturing processes, and management objectives will be explored. This technically in-depth Course provides valuable knowledge for career development.

This Course contains 30 pre-recorded videos that average 60 minutes each. The Course will be open to the student for 6 months from the date of purchase.


Target Audience
Materials Engineers and Technologists
Mechanical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Process, and Aerospace Engineers
Quality Assurance Engineers and Technicians
Management and Overseers of Powder Metallurgy Organizations


BONUS: APMI Membership and Certification Examination Opportunity
One-year of APMI Membership and each student will have the opportunity to sit for the Powder Metallurgy Technologist Certification (PMT) examination for free within 18 months of starting the course. Certification is formal acknowledgement by APMI that an individual has demonstrated comprehension of a specified body of knowledge encompassing the broad field of powder metallurgy and particulate materials. It promotes high professional standards within this field.
Course Registration Fee: $1,400

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