Metal Powder Used for Hydrogen Storage

The first self-sustaining residential home to use Hy2Green, a carbon dioxide–free energy supply system developed by GKN Powder Metallurgy, is officially in use. The energy storage system utilizes metal powder to hold hydrogen as an energy source. The residence, located in South Tyrolian Alps, is not connected to a public power grid.

How is electrical power generated for the system? According to GKN’s website, “Hydrogen is generated in the electrolyzer unit, powered by a regenerative energy source and fed into storage tanks filled with metal powder. The hydrogen bonds to the metal particles to form metal hydride. Through simple temperature adjustments, the hydrogen is released to a fuel cell and through the fuel cell is converted back to electrical power.

To create Hy2Green’s metal hydride base, the company combines the dense and stable chemical connection of hydrogen with iron metal. The energy can be stored safely over an extended period in a controlled environment without any loss; a vital resource with no connection to public power grids. The energy system provides both electrical power and heat, and there are no emissions other than water and oxygen.

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